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Recommended small instrument vacuum for EC maintenance

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First post (apologies if already addressed but I could not find via search, or if I posted this in the wrong forum). I'm new to the EC, and loving it. Moved up from my student EC and purchased a mellow 1890 Wheatstone from Chris (awesome guy!). In addition to practicing daily (!) I'm studying David Elliott's fantastic The Concertina Maintenance Manual and learning much. He recommends using a small instrument or camera vacuum every year or so to remove dust out of the reed pans and inside the bellows. Looking for a recommendation for a small vacuum you have found effective but not too powerful. Thank you. -Brian

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I would not try anything too.powerful! As someone with various cameras, I have one of those fat "blower bulb" or air release things, ( minus the tube) that you squeeze (in fingers)..to puff out air.. myself I use this between bellows, as it is safe, and not going to do any harm.  My concertina is different type, but I only use this if I am myself doing fine dusting, as it is pretty harmless, and you can better judge what you are doing. Otherwise who knows what might inadvertantly happen with any other kind!

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