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"God save the Queen"!

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Yes, it's 70 years since her majesty took to the throne, and so I have taken opportunity to do a few versions of the [British] National anthem [familiar to everyone]..

Of course it has had variations written upon it over many hundreds of years; so I am adding my own cheerful rendition!

Sing along if you like; but it does go into very strange territories, musically speaking, and so you have to stretch your vocal range to suit.



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Nice job Simon. I've always liked God Save the King. The first set of variations I ever heard were by Beethoven!


Here is a set of variations from across the pond where the "God Save the King" was borrowed as a national hymn and renamed "America." Originally written for the organ by Charles Ives, this version by the Unites States Marine Band was orchestrated by composer William Schuman. Maybe someone will make an arrangement for concertina band.


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Just listened to that Ives variations .. very enjoyable too!

Her majesty has just asked to pass on the comment as follows;

"One is most serenely pleased and contented that at this time of great enigmatic need; when we all need a way of perking up our senses; that such a tune as this ( which was written for my great, great, great grand papa, is still able to lift one's heart. We are greatly amused indeed"..

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Please thank her Majesty for the kind words.


I am no Cecil Beaton, but I did once photograph her Majesty. She had just motored into Tampa, Florida, on the Royal Yacht Britannia, and she was being welcomed by our mayor. As you will see, those were different times.


I had a job where, among other things, I edited a magazine. Back then the Police Department issued press passes, flimsy things, little more than a pink piece of cardboard with your name typed on it. I had had one for years, but had never used it. On the day the Britannia was to arrive, I grabbed a camera, clipped my press pass to my suit jacket, and headed for the harbor.


I didn't know what to expect, but I was still surprised to see hundreds and hundreds of women in hats and handbags lined up to pass through metal detectors. There were Secret Service agents all over the place. Tall guys, all with little wired microphones in their ears. As I arrived, one of them walked up to me, looked down at my press pass, and said "Good morning, sir. Please follow me." He then escorted me, unchecked camera bag and all, past the lines of women and the metal detectors and took me quite close to the queen and the mayor.


All I can think is that when he looked down at the pink piece of cardboard, he only looked at the top two lines: City of Tampa Police Department.  



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Just read your additional reply to my God save the Queen tune; what an interesting story that it all brought back to you; in your memory of that intriguing day you virtually met Queen. I once saw her zip by in 1977 during silver jubilee ( York) city centre.. and was many years later at York racecourse for a Royal carry on at races.

One of most charming variations on theme, for me, is by JC  Bach ( Bach's son)..one of my favourite composers, who wrote variations on theme, played for George 3rd. ( Ingrid Haebler fortepiano, on Philips cd label lovely recording of it!

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