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Beginner C/G 20-key sheet music


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In the Shameless Plug Department: 2/3 of Easy Anglo 1-2-3 works for 20-button, as well as all of Civil War Concertina and Sea Songs for 20-button Anglo Concertina. Same easy-to-learn notes and tablature in all three. 



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On 1/29/2022 at 1:08 AM, MJGray said:


After looking at several systems in some detail 4-5 years ago, I elected to use the ABT system cited above.

I use it every day (I mean - every day).


The books by Mick Bramich use effectively the same system (though it looks different 'on the page'). I would

recommend Absolute Beginners Concertina as a good starter book. Note: ABT and Bramich both use the same

button numbering system, but it is different to the system used in Gary Coover's books.


Both the the ABT and Bramich systems assume C/G as 'default', though they can be easily adapted for G/D

(or any other key configuration for that matter).


The audio tutorials by Alan Day may also be of interest. They can be found here (hosted by Don Taylor of this

parish). Edit: I should also have said that apart from the sound files, this download includes a PDF of (I think)

a dozen scores for the tunes featured in the audio files - which directly addresses the OP's original request.


If the OP is an ABC user, and cares to send me an ABC file of 'favourite tunes', I will send him those tunes tabbed according to the ABT/Bramich system(s).



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Hello, your getting great advice from everyone here.  Best of luck with your learning of the instrument.  When I started out I used a book called "First steps" which was very easy to follow, with diagrams, a simple tablature which put notes under staves for left side, and above the stave for right side of concertina.  And then numbers for each button.  Really very straightforward to understand.  But I will not confuse you with all the alternatives to that book.  Just to say as you are learning; pick the best system that seems to suit you personally then stick to that one method, and do not get too distracted by  other alternative ways [as there are several].

And enjoy the process of learning; that is key, to get to know your instrument!

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