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Plans or Drawings

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Try Googling 'Concertina Plans', I got back this list of threads from the forum. I don't think they will work as threads as I just cut and pasted them from the Google search results.


Maybe there are some useful tips in them?



Construction plans/drawings? - CONCERTINA.net -

https://www.concertina.net › forums › 10871-constructi...

18 Feb 2010 — ... able to find any anglo construction plans so I can build my own. ... Traditionally-built concertinas use individual concertina reeds ...

Where To Buy Plans And Reeds For Concertina

16 Jul 2007

Make your own! - Instrument Construction & Repair

4 Apr 2010

Concertina Building - Instrument Construction & Repair

3 Aug 2005

Instrument Plans For The Builder? - CONCERTINA.net

22 Jun 2005

More results from www.concertina.net




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On 1/28/2022 at 10:02 AM, Rod Pearce said:

Maybe there are some useful tips in them?

Yes thank you Rod.  A lot of information to go through there.  


Whenever I get one either to repair and/or copy I intend documenting it, taking loads of pictures and drawing it in Solidworks.



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