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Some Thoughts On Songwriting Approaches

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:huh: For some reason I feel almost intimidated about posting this...don't know for sure why...but, anyway, what-the-hey, here I go. ;)


I wanted to sort out my thoughts about how I actually approach writing a song, and to print out my article for my scrapbook. So, I did so...have yet to glue the page into my scrapbook, but...


I wrote what I guess you'd call an 'article' and it's not particularly stupendous or anything, but, if ya want to read it anyway, it's at http://geocities.com/geranimom/songwriting.html


or, the same is also found via bellowbelle.com/songwriting.



This is not an exhaustive (even if exhausting, hehe) work about songwriting. It's just the thing I wanted for my scrapbook.

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