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Laekage new instrument

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Just received my new McNeela Phoenix. I notice some leakage. When I hold the concertina by one side the bellows drop completely in 10 seconds. The “complete drop” is about 10 cm ( 1 cm/sec) since the closed bellows ( 6 fold ) measures 3cm and dropped they are 13 cm. Is this ok? A facebook friend from the US who also bought a phoenix 2 months ago noticed just the same drop/leakage. I still can send the instrument back to McNeela. What is your opinion? I just don’t know what to do.

My castagnari melodeon bellows barely move but they are constructed in a different way with metal corners pressed on the bellows. I don’t know what is normal for a concertina.


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A  new  concertina  bellows  should  not  leak.  The  drop   time on  my 15 year  old  Wakker  bellows  is  something close to  two minutes  and  that  bellows is  joined to    125 year old  ends  that still have  their original  pads  and  springs.


Better  you talk  to  McNeela  about  this.

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this type of test is not much good as a bellows test, as it tests all the pads and end gaskets as well. However your test does show a problem with the instrument. I agree with Geoff, talk to the manufacturer. One would have hoped that the concertina had been checked over before they sold it to you. If not it says a lot about the manufacturer's customer care attitude.

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I don't suppose that it is easy to absolutely prevent some air leaking on a concertina; my own has mild air leak, and very slowly gradually will close up if I leave it; however I have had my one for 23 years, and serviced it myself when required.  In my case I  could easily seal it up more, I suppose, but it really doesn't affect much in duration of tone produced [Anglo system].  It depends upon how I hold the instrument as well; when sitting with it on my lap I hold it differently than standing, and this also means  bellow pressure is different too.


However, I would agree with previous people, as yours is new; get it sorted out first, and don't attempt a repair as it will possibly void a warranty that may be on it. 

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