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THE SEASHELL [Short musical video performance]

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Recently I submitted a copy of my piece written back in 2013;  called "The seashell".. it is a piece  for any solo instrument in reality, and I was glad people had at least viewed the topic, other than it languishing at home [unloved!] and unheard by anyone else!

So I got out of my collection of audio, and video, my own attempt at playing the very brief musical work, a couple of years back, with visuals added to make it more interesting.

Its not easy to play the thing [you do not always write down what is possible to do yourself, if the idea is needed to be expressed!]

But here it is in this link to my 'YouTube channel' where I have just added the video.  Its not even two minutes duration; have a look and see what you think?


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Just replying to comment about my tune here; the sea shell.. yes it is rather all over the place ( music notes).. and not straightforward to play! 

I am pleased you also like the "Jasmine" tune on you tube channel, you may also be interested in another attempt I stuck on there few days back; improvisation called simply.. "Very fast"! For obvious reasons if you tune in to see! Also very short piece ( not only very fast)!! Thanks for your interest.

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