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Is National character heard in performance?

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I wonder if national character comes out in the way people play their instruments?

Is an English concertina player, for example, fairly reserved and methodical in performing. Or maybe someone from Other parts of Europe more passionate? My own father ( from Poland)  played his accordion with great sincere energy, when he really felt the need to. (They can be a passionate race and sometimes display fiery energy!)

Just a thought.

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This from a review of my playing on our Paul & Jody album.


"...he's able to make the anglo-concertina sound like a mouth organ... bending and blurring notes, so that his playing could never be mistaken for that of an English or even Irish player. ” - Rod Stradling, Musical Traditions

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I certainly wouldn't call Alistair Anderson reserved. Anybody who's seen him swinging his concertina around will know what I mean. Not on concertina,  I knew a fiddler (English but of Irish descent) who played Scots tunes with a distinct Sligo slide feeling. It's musical background and character , not nationality, that tends to affect playing style.

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