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6 hours ago, Theo said:


In the USA you can get most spare parts form http://www.concertinaconnection.com/spares.htm

Yes, that will be my backup, but the prices in the UK were much better even after accounting for exchange rate.  It's just as well; I haven't gotten around to assessing my two salvaged boxes to see exactly what is needed anyway.

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The following (undated) message currently appears on Mark's website:


I am closing the online shop for a while as I have strated to dream of hexagons

I will re-open the shop after I have recharged my batteries.

If there is anything urgent give me a ring and if I am not in someone will take a message.

Thanks Mark


Hope he's ok, but not a good omen...

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Sorry to hear of that online workshop closing for a while.. it is one thing to be so successful that you are in demand all the time; but another when that busy success over rules your life completely.

I wish him best of luck and peace of mind regardless.


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