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Music requested: Daffodil Mulligan


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Hi guys! I'm new and sort of crap on the concertina but really want to play this song would anyone be able to figure out what the notes are or be able to give any ideas. 

Here's the video > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9ivkRyOEJs

I've begun to try and figure it out by ear but I'm finding it tough and inaccurate. So if anyone has tips on good strategies for that type of thing, they'd be appreciated.

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Isn't this the same tune as Biddy Mulligan by the Dubs?


If so: https://www.irish-folk-songs.com/biddy-mulligan-lyrics-and-chords.html


The chords are embedded in the lyrics and you can scroll down for the full score.


Well, maybe not quite, but apparently Daffodil Mulligan is the daughter of Biddy Mulligan.

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