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C Jeffries 38 key Bb/F anglo for sale Australia

malcolm clapp

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Sadly, the above concertina isn't getting played much and I feel it's time to seek a new home for it.


It has a faint "C Jeffries Maker" stamped between the buttons on the right hand side, though I can't get a decent photo, but trust me it's the genuine article. Reeds are in good condition in modern concert pitch A:440 equal temperament (shame, I hear some people cry); replacement 7 fold bellows, handstraps, handrests, pads and valves a few years old, but still perfectly serviceable. Maybe could use a fine tune, but basically very playable right out of the box with a full-throated Jeffries tone. Weight approximately 1.8kgs and just under 6" AF.


Photos available at https://klappo.imgbb.com/


I have no information about the early history of this instrument, but it's a little grubby inside indicating perhaps that it was once owned by someone from an industrial or coalmining area.


I would prefer to sell it within Australia as the ebony-like trim may incur unwanted attention of the CITES police. However, overseas shipping will be considered at buyer's risk and expense. If anyone in Australia wishes to drop in on me to have a look/play (halfway between Sydney and Brisbane more or less), they would be most welcome. (PM me for address etc.)


I'm open to offers approaching AU$10k, so please feel free to make me an offer I can't refuse/understand. Unfortunately, I have little bandwidth available on my hopeless computer set up at present (thank you Telstra/NBN) and can't post a YouTube demo, but might be able to put some audio on SoundCloud over the weekend...


Thanks for looking, and please let me know if you need any further information.

Jeffries 38 BbF right.jpg

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There are two reasons why I don't think I'm in the market for this one. I've got very used to the Wheatstone 40-key layout over the last 38 years, and I already have a Bb/F baritone. So if I did buy it I'm afraid it would get played very little.


But it does seem a beautiful box, so let's try to find it to a good new home.


Sending a concertina from South Africa to Britain for me just over a year ago cost about GBP200: shipping from Oz to North America or Europe would presumably be similar, so not a serious obstacle.



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