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Dancing Henry & The Concertina Man

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Henry is a planchette, a marionette puppet controlled by a single string attached to my knee. While singing and accompanying Henry on the concertina, I bounce my leg and Henry dances to the music. Henry always makes folks smile. Many stay to laugh at his antics, and then to listen to the unique sound of the Anglo concertina.


The instrument I play is a fully restored antique squeeze box, loud but sweet, rhythmic and punchy, great for dancing and above all, cheerful. I talk to the audience, sing songs and let kids pull Henry's string to make him dance. People seem to enjoy this, and I usually gather a crowd.



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That was such a joyful little film to watch; so cheerful and happy!

It's a special job entertaining people; I know because my mother used to do puppet shows ( her own puppets) and go round entertaining places for many years! (With my brother and myself in tow). The little figure reminded me of one my grandfather made, in a way, and is so very effective.

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6 hours ago, wunks said:

Jig Doll or Limber Jack around here but with a rod into the back instead of strings with the plank atop the knee.  The strings allow much more freedom for the "Jack".  Yours is a break dancer!  


You need two hands to work a Limberjack. Jody’s hands are otherwise engaged.

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