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Concertinas are real instruments not toys!

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I have myself, and believe many other members too, often noticed a general misconception as to concertina being a "proper" instrument ( to the layman) or treated with seriousness of say a violin, guitar, flute etc...

There can be the tendancy to dismiss it's many merits!

I have seen people claiming to know about musical subjects, attempt to play one, make a dreadful noise with it! And announce it being " no more than a toy"!

Educating the less informed to see the wonderful diversity of free reed family of instruments, by performing, encouraging, and enthusing them with curiosity has got to be a good thing to aim for; at least I believe.

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Speaking of the wide range of music played on various concertina systems:   be sure to watch and share the upcoming Eastern North America Online Concertina Concert (ENAOCC) on Feb. 6, part of the first annual World Concertina Day celebration in honor of  of Sir Charles Wheatstone's 220th (there will be similar online events featuring players in other parts of the world).  You may recognize a few faces.


Here's a preview.



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