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WTB: Beginners Anglo Concertina - UK


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I am looking for either a 20 key or 30 key anglo to purchase so I can start learning.


I am looking for a beginners / intermediate concertina to get me going without having to pay too much. £200ish would be a good price, but I can go a little higher if there are any good deals to be had!


I am based in Lancashire, England but happy to pay postage if you are too far for me to collect


Please let me know what you have to offer and how much you think is fair. 


Thanks everyone

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3 hours ago, Fanie said:

Me too. It was terrible. This box is only good if you never learn anything, so to say if you have a "eternal beginner syndrome". 

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35 minutes ago, JimR said:

Check out Flying Duck concertinas - https://www.flyingduckconcertinas.co.uk/ducklings.html

There is a wait, but the quality is good.

That looks ideal, but with a lead time of 15 months I couldn't wait that long! 


There's a few old Hohner / Bastaris around the £100 mark second hand. Would you take a punt on one of them, or go for something low end like this that is new? None of the second hand ones are local so I would have to get them shipped.





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Start with the keyboard layout you are most likely to stick with.  Changing is not so easy for a beginner.  A cheaply made instrument will play, but may be frustrating and so test your commitment.  If you can, visit a shop and try what they have to see and hear the difference quaty makes.

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