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A New Twist On Ebay Scams?

Paul Read

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When I put an item on ebay, I always add a line reserving the right to remove the item. Originally, I did this to address the scammers that were placing ridiculous bids and not paying. Maybe it is redundant.


As far as I can see, the seller is only cheating himself because he may well get a better price if he lets the auction run its course. The buyer is trying to circumvent the system, if he is serious, he will bid at least the amount he offered anyway.


another minor third :rolleyes:

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Ebay rules


Here's what ebay say.  My interpretation is that you shouldn't do it. 


Is that police sirens I hear?

Certainly not for me. As buyer I was not even a member of ebay when I phoned the telephone number he provided, so they have got nothing on me.


I agree with your interpretation "shouldn't" as far as the seller is concerned, ie in contrast to "mustn't". He hasn't actually broken the explicit prohibition on outside email communication, which I see in those words. The other things appear to be discouraged rather than explicitly prohibited, though maybe there are some more words somewhere else.


If you happened to be in a concertina dealer's premises, some long distance from home, able to inspect the goods that the dealer had placed on ebay, (basically the situation I was in with this bike, which is even more inconvenient to post) it seems unlikely that you and the dealer would feel constrained from making a deal.

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I think Jim's posting covers the issue of selling independent of ebay (e.g. someone from C.Net). If a buyer comes from elsewhere, I believe it is allowed to remove the listing. Your case is an interesting one. I've not seen a seller put his telephone number on a listing before. It looks like he perhaps wanted contact outside of ebay. This would save him paying the ebay fees which run around 4%.


I do think the rules say a buyer shouldn't contact the seller to ask if he will stop the listing, however.

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Ive been reading messages for a while now, and thought it time to join in too.



I bid last month on a Wheatstone Duet on ebay being sold by Chris Algar.

There was also an identical Duet being sold at the same time by somebody else

with an ending date 1 day later.


While I was bidding on the first one, I received an e-mail through e-bay from somewhere in America, alleging to have the same instrument, but offering to sell it cheaper. I ignored it. Infortunately I was beaten to the Wheatstone in the last few minutes.


I then turned my attention onto the other one for sale and made a bid. Again I was contacted through e-bay by somebody urging me to buy it from them. I ignored that one too. Again I was beaten by somebody else.


I wrote it off as being unlucky, then 2 days later received another e-mal via e-bay

saying that the original purchaser for the concertina being sold by Chris Algar had fallen through, and offering me a second chance option.


I e-mailed Chris, who confirmed to me that the sale had not fallen through, and that he was just about to post it off to the buyer. Nothing had been sent from him.


It was a good job I phoned him, he had another one in stock, better than the one I bid for on e-bay.


So im now the proud owner of a Wheatstone 46 key duet. Im really pleased with it,

but still struggling how to play it properly.



David Ayres



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