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Pick ups or transducers

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12 minutes ago, Don Taylor said:

Are you sure that you are in the right room?  AFAIK, concertinas use neither.


While perhaps not very precise, I've seen both terms used to refer to mics. Which, to Don's point, is what you should be using, if you're talking about concertinas.


There are a few different approaches to miking a concertina, but based on past discussion on the topic, each has its pros and cons. What do you want to do with it? Live performance? YouTube videos? What sort of budget are you considering? Providing some more details will most likely get you a more helpful answer for your specific needs.

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32 minutes ago, Steve Schulteis said:

if you're talking about concertinas

I really thought that the OP was asking about pickups or transducers for a Hurdy-Gurdy!


Completely off piste I know, but I was listening to an old interview with Dave Swarbrick about his Fairport Convention days.  He was asked how he managed to have an electric fiddle/violin before they were available.  He said that they smashed an old telephone handset and glued the microphone onto his fiddle.  All of the early recordings and performances were made with that device.

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Around 30years ago I had contacts pickups which were velcroed on each side and they connected into a small pre amp. I used those for over 20 years as they sound was so much better than a mic. The sound was constant and even for recording unlike mics. Sadly like me they grew old and tired. The transducer on my gurdy works fine so thats why I was asking as recording using a mic is not so good

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8 hours ago, Don Taylor said:

He said that they smashed an old telephone handset and glued the microphone onto his fiddle.

About 40 years ago I made a pickup for my hammered dulcimer by tearing the little dime-sized sound module from a musical greeting card and soldering it to an alligator clip which I could then attach to any of the tuning pegs.

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