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I need help

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It sounds like you have an instrument that does not hold air well. There needs to be enough pressure through the reeds for efficient playing. If there are leaks, this reduces the amount that gets to the reeds. There are a few main culprits, including holes in the bellows, leaking pads that cover the holes, failed gaskets and misalignments of the various parts of the instrument. Sometimes the reeds and reed valves can be a problem too.


If it's worse when you're compressing the bellows than when opening them, this might indicate a pad issue or lack of spring tension in the levers. If the bellows look good, the next check is to unscrew the ends, if you're confident doing this, and take a good look inside for any issues.


May I ask for more information on the instrument, what is the type and who made your concertina, and what sort of general condition is it in? This will help us determine the cause and suggest whether there's anything you can do yourself, or if it's best looked at by someone else.


Best wishes,


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3 hours ago, SIMON GABRIELOW said:

I would say it sounds like leaky bellows to me! Air getting out from somewhere; it could well be a simple problem  to fix once you find out where the issue is!

Hold it under water, squeeze it, and see where the bubbles emerge (only kidding:ph34r:).

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Could also be air getting out at the parts where the bellows are joined into top; sometimes screws could be loose; and maybe special tape could reduce air leak.

A thought occured that if you shine light ( with one end removed).. inside bellows, maybe you would see if any holes not obviously noticeable at first, with light coming through! But please it's only a suggestion don't attempt it if you are not too sure what to do!

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