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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Joel S

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The first verse is melody only, 2nd is melody & harmony together, and the last verse adds Accordion for Tenor & Bass.


Normally I play by ear, but I've been trying to get my music theory skills up to help others out. I tried using Gary Coover's Anglo Concertina tablature to help make it easier to follow. Here's a link to the original hymn sheet music. Also, I attached the Melody & Harmony Concertina sheet music as attachments.


I actually didn't know these forums existed until "TehRazorBack" messaged me about it on YouTube! Would love to start frequenting more and getting to know other players! 





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Lovely playing.


I also like the way that you have notated both parts on the stave and not just the melody line. 


I play duet and I  have to reverse engineer Gary's tabs for the LHS into standard music notation.

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