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Tobacco card featuring concertina on UK eBay

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11 hours ago, David Barnert said:

Curious that although the text references the English Concertina, the image is probably an Anglo (could be a Duet, but certainly not an EC).

It certainly is curious. But the description of the EC is quite accurate. That makes it even odder. But I love the card!

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Yes, and I like the idea of the concertina "occupying a position between the Mouth-organ and the Harmonium!"

When I was a boy, my father had his mouth-organs lying handy in a sideboard drawer, and we had a full-size harmonium (a reed organ, not one of those Indian gadgets!) standing in the living-room. I loved both of them, and now I have an Anglo, a Crane and a Bandoneon. The bandoneon can come very close to the harmonium in sound.

Fascinating, what turns up on eBay!


Free reeds in general are fascinating. A friend of mine, who plays and collects barrel-organs, even has a cranked free-reed instrument, known as a "preacher's organ." Needless to say, the punched rolls for it are all American hymns!







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I collected Cigarette cards for years and have this card in my collection and also another card with a Concertina connection on is in the set "Life onboard a Man of War" which shows the Sailors Hornpipe being performed with Concertina playing sailor.

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I love the picture of that very well dressed corset wearing lady, with the concertina; " Oh, how undignified! (Maybe older generation would possibly have said in reaction?).. " I hope she does not do herself any injury.. positively indecent!"...

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