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Jeffries English on Ebay.

Geoff Wooff

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7 hours ago, Robin Harrison said:

Has anyone on this site ever played one ?

              I'd love to know how it sounds compared to an Æola. I wonder if it has anything of the "honk".

I  had  a  Rosewood  ended  version to  try out  for  an  month  or  so, about  30  years  ago.  The  tone was  bold, fat  and  fruity  but  the  action  was  horrible  , the four fold  bellows  was  too  heavy  and  a  certain lack  of  dynamic  range  was off putting.   Perhaps  with  some  sympathetic  revisions  by  someone  who  played the  EC  it  could have  been good.  In  short  I  passed on the opportinity  to  purchase  it  for  the  intention of  playing in  sessions.

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Hi C.netters!


this instrument has sold for a pretty healthy price (£4800 ish), as I’m sure many will have noticed.


I didn’t want to post the link below whilst the auction was in progress, although the C.net thread was there for anyone to research.


….this is the Jeffries English I previously owned, and which is now in the possession of a player and musician deserving of its merits.



Judging simply by ‘my’ Jeffries English, these are instruments of outstanding quality -and yes -they have the honk!


There is every chance there may be a few more out there…


Mike R

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