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5 inch, 32 button C/G anglo: "Tassey Tiger."

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Some time ago there was discussion here concerning a Jeffries 5 inch concertina, and someone provided a picture of one. It was a challenge too good to refuse, so below is the 5 inch 32 (including breather) button Tassey Tiger in C/G. The sound is more flute like than the 61/4 and 51/2 inch instruments i have built, and it did require some creative thinking re. the reed pan, especially on the left (No, there are no short solder weighted reeds.). My greatest mistake was staying with 6.80 mm buttons, caused a lot of headaches re. spring placement, and necessitated a different reed pan layout. The finger spacing is exactly the same as a Jeffries, but the buttons are a little closer to the hand rest because of reduced instrument size. The instrument comes in at 1.15 kg.  In the picture of the 4 instruments: on the far right an left are standard sized 61/4 inch instruments, the 2nd from the left is a 51/2 instrument, and the third from the left is the 5 inch.


I find the five inch instrument much nicer to play than than the larger ones, but I am an English style player, rarely cross rows, the inside row may be a bit close to the handiest for a row crosser to manage at speed. If I could work out how to attach a sound byte I would do so, but they exceed the allowed 2MB -- any suggestions?


A great Christmas to all








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Bravo, that's very impressive, David! I'd love to see internal pictures.


How big are the sound files? If you drop me an email I can probably host them on my web server. Alternatively you can sign up for a free account on Soundcloud.com. (I think they let you upload three hours before you have to upgrade to a paid subscription.) Or there are a few ways to create a video slideshow that you can then upload to YouTube.

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8 hours ago, David Hornett said:

If I could work out how to attach a sound byte I would do so, but they exceed the allowed 2MB -- any suggestions?

Post it somewhere else (SoundCloud, YouTube, DropBox, etc.) and put a link here. If it’s SoundCloud or YouTube, the link will actually appear in the concertina.net window as if you were looking at it on that platform.


[Alex’s post appeared while I was typing this.]

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Thank you for the suggestion re. SoundCloud, after which I suddenly remembered I had done this in the past . So here it is, on the computer mic, no modifications, warts and all, the first recording on a desktop computer, the second on the laptop, hence the tonal differences.


Thank you for your interest.







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