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A Good Choice?

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I personally would suggest staying well clear of this:


1. for a start the Morelli accordions seem to have a bad reputation (from a quick internet search)


2. The seller says this is "English Style Concertina" when it's clearly not (it's Anglo - completely different keyboard layout) - they obviously don't have a clue so I don't see how you can trust their opinion about how it plays. If you were at the shop in person you could judge for yourself - but buying blind/deaf like this is tricky... someone else on CNet seems to have one, so I suggest you ask them for an independant opinion:



Actually, it seems to be pretty hard to find any reference to Morelli accordions/concertinas on the net. Cheap but not popular... hmmm...


I hope someone else here can give you some more constructive(!) advice on how to get a reasonable, cheap concertina.

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As King Arthur advised in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.."run away, run away!"...from the Morelli.


Seems to me you need to figure out what system you wish to learn... English (cromatic/ same note regardless bellows direction) or Anglo (diatonic/different note on the push and pull of the bellows). It will depend on the type of music you are interested in and how in the end your mind works.


The low end Italian/Chinese instruments are nearly unplayable, the higher end Italian box...problematical (as David directed you to the "frustrated" thread).


You might consider renting an instrument. I know The Button Box offers this service. Only the fanatical squeezers are able to overcome the often nightmare experience of a first cheap instrument.



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Based on my experience I would say that if you enjoy playing you will want to buy a good quality instrument sooner rather than later. I would have benefitted from trying out several instruments first because I was not aware of the enormous difference between good and bad ones until last week. If I had known that then I might have made a different decision a year ago. If you can find an opportunity to compare then go for it. Or if you can rent one until you are sure that you want to continue then that also seems like a good option. In that way you'll be able to make an informed decision.

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