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In search of "Monty" the Wheatstone Bass English

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Someone who would know is Rachel Hall in eastern Pennsylvania. For some years after 2001 she borrowed DoN's bass and brought it to the concertina orchestra at the North East Squeeze In each September. Plenty of fun squeezing in those years!



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4 hours ago, Moll Peatly said:

Please don't post other people's personal details (including email addresses) without their express permission.




       So sorry, at that moment it felt like the right thing to do because so many people were wondering about him, but I see how it was wrong.
         Kind regrets, bassconcertina.net

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3 hours ago, Moll Peatly said:

I suggest the appropriate course would be to point Don to this thread and let him get in touch if he wants to.


DoN [sic], although he was very active in the rec.music.makers.squeezebox usenet group back in the day, DOES NOT participate in web-based forums.

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