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Maiden Voyage - Anglo Concertina


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Hello all, hope you're all doing well.

A while ago I saw a YouTube video of someone playing an amazing arrangement of Maiden Voyage from Sea of Thieves. I noticed that there was no sheet music available for the dude's arrangement, and seeing from the video's comments that no sheet music was being made, I decided to do the arduous task of playing the video at 0.25x speed, watching the fingers, listening to the sound being made, and eventually writing down the guys arrangement. This has been an on-off project for about 2 months; it was a slow and monotonous job, taking several hours to only get 5-6 bars, but I'm happy I did it.


MuseScore link: https://musescore.com/user/37659330/scores/7162161

The song seems to jump keys all over the place. I did my best near the end of the song to try adjust the sheet music to match the changing keys (and time signature right at the end), however the entire first page is just left in the key of Bb Major / G Minor. If anyone more experienced could point me to what bars the keys change at, and what keys the song changes to, I shall endeavour to update the sheet.

Also, let me know if there is any wrong notes or bellows directions in the music, and I shall also fix those.

I take no credit for this arrangement; all the credit goes to Concertina Joel. I have attached his original video below. I know the concertina community is a small one, so maybe he's on the forums here somewhere too (I member searched for joey, but could not find him. Maybe he's under a different name here?).

Also, big shout out to Gary Coover for his tablature system, which has been a great help to me learning this instrument. Recently picked up his Christmas book for the festive period.



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Got Concertina Joel wrong *facepalm*, and added MuseScore link
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Whoa, that is insanely hard on the Anglo!


Robin Beanland would be very proud (especially since he plays it on EC).


I see a few places where some button substitutions would make life a little easier - like the triplet in measures 4 & 12, try starting with #9 pull on the lefthand side instead of the righthand side #1 push. Also, there are some righthand #3's that might be easier if played on righthand #6.


But, having said that, it's a masterful transcription!


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