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For Sale Lachenal English Concertina. Circa 1897.


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I’m selling my 48 button Lachenal English concertina.


It was restored by Greg Jowaisis, Covington, KY, USA, in 2018. I have attached a copy of the repair order.


I asked on this site about the serial number and it seems that the number is 34122 which would date it around 1897.


It includes an apparently old case, but I’m not certain if it’s the original. It is not sturdy enough to my liking so I have usually transported it in a Pelican Storm case.


It’s a really nice instrument, but with many 130 year old instruments, there are quirks. The high C, which is in the range I rarely play, only sounds in one direction. It's probably just a fuzzball or something. This should be easy to address. To be clear, everything was perfect when I got it back from Greg, and I would recommend his work to anyone. He knows his stuff.


The low notes sound great, but they take just a tad more push to make them speak. As long as you know that it’s pretty trivial to compensate. I think these are minor issues and the play-ability over the common range of notes is spot on.


I hesitate to ship outside the US. Buyer will have 5 days to evaluate. Buyer pays shipping. I’ll double box and pad it well.


I’ll accept the best offer I get after 5 days.






Audio sample




2018 Final Repair invoice for Ed Delaney.pdf

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