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Audio setup for zoom


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Can anyone help with my setup for zoom/Skype etc. The issue is this…

I am currently using a cheap 2 ear headset with boom mic. I can hear my own voice and the concertina which is good. I don’t think this is backfed from the mic - I think it’s getting into my ear around the cheap ear pads. However it’s uncomfortable and I would like to upgrade to a wireless setup. I have a good pair of Bose qc35 but when I try them I can’t hear my own voice or the ‘Tina. 
What are my options?

One ear headset? Ie one ear for the conversation and the other for the tina.

do any headsets back feed the mic sound?

is there a simple mixer which I can make back feed?

isthere a virtual mixer to run on the pc?

I would prefer not to use conventional speakers - I disturb others in the household quite enough already.

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