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Keyboard Accordian To Concertina

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I just bought a Stagi duet, ....  At some point I may "graduate" to an intermediate level box, ....

I hope that by the time you're ready, someone will be making such an "intermediate level box". Currently, only Stagi seems to be making new duets of any kind.

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It's Hayden for choice. Stagi is cheap, sounds sweet, and is the  only concertina fingering system a piano accordionist will understand before giving up and throwing it against a wall  :blink:

As someone who played piano first, then piano accordion, then English concertina, my experience was that the English system was very intuitive.


I bought my first English concertina from a dealer about 100 miles from my home at the time. By the time we arrived home, I was playing a few tunes.... No, I wasn't driving. :lol:

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Since Christmas has now been and gone, if you are still in touch with the group then perhaps you would be so kind as to tell us just what you ended up buying the wife, assuming it was a concertina of some persuation? (well - why not turn the forum into a soap opera)



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.And my research says that there is no one near Atlanta Georgia USA who can give any valid help (as far as a dealer in concertinas 


Bill Kemper

We often have this problem with Georgia residents.


Bob Tedrow

Birmingham, by god, Alabama

Being an Atlanta, Georgia resident, I have emailed Bill and offered my assistance.


I am not a dealer, so I can't rectify the Georgia dealer situation that Bob talks about.


However, I will extend the same invitation that Bill got. Anyone on this list may come by and play whatever concertina I have in the house. None for sale, but feel free to try them out. At present I have a Jeffries 39 button Anglo, and will soon have a Tedrow, a Lachenal, and a Jones, all anglos. And there is a Suttner on order that should show up soon.


I am a couple of miles from I-85, about a mile and half north of Lenox Square.


I don't read this list very often, but you can email me for local contact info.


All The Best,



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I am not a dealer, so I can't rectify the Georgia dealer situation that Bob talks about.


but Mr. Tedrow sure can :)

Being an Atlantan myself I can verify that most Atlantans either don't know or won't admit

that Birmingham, AL is less than 150 miles away on I-20. At the speed Atlantans drive,

getting there could take less time then getting anywhere within Atlanta at rush hour.



ps glad to hear that there are some other concertinist in atlanta.

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I will be in Atlanta tomorrow, Sunday.


I am taking my daughter to the Carl Drake Irish dance studio for a private step dance lesson.


We will be there around 1pm.


Klari and I will be there with concertinas.



Atlanta area concertina players should drop everything and be there as well.


Bob and Klari Tedrow

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As someone with a similar musical background as your wife (that is, piano accordion as a youngster) I can relate this progression. I started on anglo, but within six months or so switched over to english. This wasn't due to any particular dissatisfaction with anglo, but instead, was just the result of being offered an english, trying it and realizing that within ten minutes I was playing several scales fluently and it seemed much more *natural* to me, not having to consider bellows direction. After several years I bought a duet (Crane Triumph) and tried that for about a year. Didn't really take to it but probably because I had become so comfortable with the english. I felt that the melody (right hand) notes were too close together to play fast melody and ornamention (Irish style). It may be more suited for other styles of music.


For the past several years I've messed around a bit more with the anglo but the english system is still my *main squeeze*.


I can say, with no reservations, that the english system was very easy for me to learn. (I was never tempted to throw it against the wall :-).

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