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Regondi's Hexameron available online for free

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On the gallica (national library of France) website.


Have to say I'm quite happy to say it is eventually available that way, I had been looking for the score for a while.


All the EC players around here don't have any excuse anymore not to tackle these pieces and I'm looking forward to hearing your attempts at them in the video section in the coming weeks. Just kidding of course ! But the Hexameron is often hailed as the reference to show what the EC is capable of, and yet I'm still waiting to see a video of someone tackling the marvelously sounding #5 one on the EC. That would be great !


Hope this was the right section for posting this - I hesitated with the tunes one but considering the importance of the Hexameron for the EC repertoire I thought it would be worth it to mention it here. Feel free to displace this if that's not the case...

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