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Late model Wheatstone EC

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I was searching the musical instrument collection of Oberlin College (USA) because a portion of it is a donation from an instrument collection near me (Deansboro, NY).  They show a Wheatstone EC # 36189  dated 1958 that appears very similar to one (especially the bellows papers) that was a recent subject of inquiry here( although I can't find the thread).  It's viewable on their web site if it is of interest.

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I played music with some friends last night and spoke for a while with the former supervisor of nearby Waterville NY who informed me that the auction went to a wealthy couple in the area and spent some time in New York City before being donated to Oberlin. The concertina referred to is the only one I saw listed in their collection.  The donor is listed but I don't know if he is the donor of the whole collection.

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