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2 exceptional Jeffries for sale

david robertson

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A regular customer of mine is about to emigrate to Australia, so he has asked me to help him find a good home for two superb Jeffries.


The first is a 30-key (bone buttons) in C/G, restored by me about 3 years ago, with new pads, valves, bushes and straps. The woodwork was stripped and refinished in French polish, and I made and fitted new 7-fold bellows, which are now beautifully played-in. This is a cracking player - rapid, responsive, well-balanced and incredibly loud, with that unique Jeffries sound.


The second is a 38-key (metal buttons) in the rare keys of Ab/Eb. This one was restored by Colin Dipper about 4 years ago, with new 7-fold bellows by Rosalie. It could be a long, long time before you find another Jeffries in these lovely growly keys, let alone one in such exceptional condition.


The seller is looking for £4900 for the 30k, and £5400 for the 38k.


I should add that both instruments come in an expensive (and virtually bomb-proof) Peli Storm hard case.


You'll find details and pictures of both concertinas on my website, and as always, if you're within striking distance of Norwich, you're more than welcome to come and have a squeeze.

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