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More Concertina Ragtime: Hoosier Rag


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I decided to learn this piece for several reasons:


1. It's a witty rag that sounds good both slow and fast (I do the former as I can't play at lightning speed)

2. It was written by a woman, and although women have contributed significant pieces to the ragtime realm, few are known to the musical public, so I like to draw attention to those underrated composers

3. It's tons of fun to play

4. I'm an IU graduate.


Played on Holden#3 Crane Duet


All comments (especially critical ones) welcome and appreciated.


Thanks for listening!


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FWIW, I also recorded a video:



...mostly to prove to myself that I am able of single taking a slightly more complex piece. It does get a wee sloppy towards the end, I understand, but I was out of time I could shell out for music after about three hours restarting and discarding take after take (there are many errors one can make when there are many notes in a piece).


Thanks for watching!

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