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Culling my Concertina Collection: For Sale

Mike Jones

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I have been instructed by my other half to cull my collection of Concertinas so she has somewhere to store the (new) Christmas decorations, thus the following are now for sale. Offers close to the asking price may be considered. If you send me a message of interest I can provide pictures and more information. They are all in playing/working order (I just don't play them much any more) and come in boxes (some of which may be original/contemporaneous) or gig bags.

Lachenal Anglo: 30k C/G; No 55341 (matching numbers) Ends: Mahogany: Bellows: Black, 5 fold, leather: Reeds: Brass in brass shoes. £600

Lachenal Anglo: 24k C/G; No 167878 (matching numbers) Ends: Mahogany Bellows: Black, 5 fold, leather, Reeds: Brass in brass shoes. Tuning on accidental buttons: A4/G4 reversal and G*/Bb on left and C*/Eb, A5/G5 reversal on right. £350

Lachenal Anglo, 26k C/G: No 18868. Bellows: Leather, 5 fold green: Ends: solid Rosewood, end key holes bushed with original black felt. Buttons: Bone with black stained accidentals. Reeds: Brass shoes with steel tongues in 30 key reed pan. £600

Lachenal Anglo 22k D/A: No 40338 (matching numbers) Bellows: Leather, 5 fold dark green: Ends: solid Rosewood: Buttons: Bone: Reeds: Brass shoes with steel tongues. £450

Lachenal 46k Maccann Duet : No 3359 (matching numbers): Ends: Rosewood: Bellows: Black, 6 fold, leather : Reeds: Brass in brass shoes: £600

The following concertinas are owned by SqueezEast Concertinas, (SE) also need to go, they are surplus to requirements. They have been marked with SE reference numbers using correction fluid which can easily be removed and the boxes/bags have SE labels riveted on. Likewise, these are removable.

Scholer Anglo 20k: D/A: No leaks, One button head has been replaced otherwise original. It was fettled and tuned by A C Norman in 2009 and sounds better than most concertinas of this type and is in excellent condition. The action is probably the best I have tried for this make and type of concertina. Comes in a red 7” record case suitably blocked to prevent damage. £150

Rosetti Rambler De Luxe Anglo 20k: F/C: A 20K double reeded concertina which would benefit from a little work as some of the reeds “tinkle” and others are slow to sound unless played with emphasis. Overall it is in good order with no significant faults and very fancy looking. It comes in an old but serviceable gig bag with working Zip. £120

Rigoletto Anglo 20K: F/C: Although a relatively cheap German made concertina with definite signs of use it plays well, has no leaks and is in pretty good tune. Includes refurbished and refitted hexagonal box with side handle. The inside C row plays an octave higher than a standard C/G: £140.

Mike (currently in remission from CAD)

Suitable donations to site made after sale

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I suggest you submit to CAD, then buy some cheap battery operated LED light strings. If you use the LEDs to decorate the superfluous concertinas they will look like good quality Chinese lanterns and you might be able to persuade Mrs Jones to find some storage space for them in with the other new Christmas decorations.

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On 11/6/2021 at 4:01 AM, Cousins said:

Hi there,

Would you ship to Canada? I'm interested in the 30 key Anglo Lachenal you have. Is it still available? Could you send a video of it being played?


Hi Scott,

55341 is still available and sending it to Canada is not impossible. I don't have any video or sound files. I do have some photos I can send but my memory/storage allowance for this site seems to be full so if you can send me your email address or a PM, i'll forward those on to you and see what I can do here about recording something audible.



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Hi John Sylte,


The 26k Lachenal is no longer available but the other two are.

If you will send me a personal message with your email address I will send photos of the other two.  I'm unable to post photos to this forum as I've used my memory space allocation.




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