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Wren 2 button sticking

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Hello, I just got a Wren 2 yesterday, shipped from McNeela in Dublin to the US, and as I was playing it, the D5/E5 key on the right seems to be sticking just a tiny bit. It's not enough for me to notice by feel, but when I play another note it stays open and just plays that note too. I got a care guide with the instrument that showed what to look for to fix it but I still can't figure out what's wrong with it after opening it up to look. I have a feeling it might be that it's got some friction against the side of the hole it goes through on the top plate, because when I pull on it just a little it comes back up. Is there anything I can do to try and fix it? I sent McNeela an email but they're closed until Monday I think. I'm nervous about tinkering with it too much since its so delicate and I'm so inexperienced, but I can at least open it up and look around it. 


Thank you!

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Bad luck. Just sit back, relax and wait for the reply from  McNeela. 

Sticky button on Wren2 is a typical problem and McNeela should have solutions to offer to the customers.


Sending your Wern2 back to McNeela for refund and get a Rochelle (or Rochelle-2 (or Stagi))is another option.

McNeela offers money back guarantee for unsatisfied instrument, doesn't it? (I am not sure.) 



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I think you may want to make sure the felt on the end of connecting rod covers the air hole for the key you've mentioned completely. Such a situation exists on every entry-level concertinas. You can adjust the rod, for example, bend it slightly to  reposition the felt, or you can replace the spring of the rod with a more strengthful one.

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