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  • If you  live in the eastern half of North America (the western side of the continent is organizing a separate event), please consider participating in the Eastern North America Online Concertina Concert 2022 (ENAOCC2022 -- pronounced ee-nay-och 2022), you are hereby invited to become part of events occurring around the world on February 6th, 2022, as part of the International Concertina Association’s celebration of the 220th anniversary of the birth of Sir Charles Wheatstone!


    ENAOCC2022 will be a collection of videos that will be released on February 6th in a YouTube event where concertina-lovers around the world can watch the concert together and interact in a simultaneous live chat.


    To submit a video for the event, please follow these instructions:


    • Let us know that you would like to submit a video by sending an email to ENAOCC2022@gmail.com and we’ll send you detailed information on how to format your video and where to submit your video
    • Create a video of your performance that is no longer than 5 minutes – be sure to include in the video your name, the names of any others who are involved in your performance, the name of the tune, and the name of the composer (if known).  You can also include information on the history of your tune or other concertina-relevant information but your entire video can be no longer than 5 minutes.
    • Submit your video no later than January 6th, 2022.
    • On February 6th, 2022, join old and new concertina friends from around the world to watch ENAOCC2022!


    If you have questions about ENAOCC2022 or want additional information, please email ENAOCC2022@gmail.com


    The ICA is organizing many activities to celebrate Wheatstone's birthday and there will be online workshops and jams throughout the day. If you would like to facilitate a live online jam or workshop, there's more info about World Concertina Day at https://concertina.org/world-concertina-day and questions can be sent to  WCD@concertina.org


    From your ENAOCC2022 organizers:


    Randy Stein (chief instigator)

    Jim Besser (we need a realist in the group)

    Aaron Bittel (someone has to understand the technology)

    Mary Roth (experienced in herding cats and similar creatures)

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