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Any tips on restoring BM (DDR) concertina please?

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Hi, I had a Lachenal C/G many years ago, but after a lapse I have just acquired an old (DDR) BM 20-button Anglo.  I think most reeds are ok, but there are a few sticky notes and one reed sounding all the time in both directions.  Plus one missing button (which I may be able to bodge with a piece of dowel).  Any tips on the action of cheap DDR concertinas and people who may have spares would be very welcome.  Thanks in advance.

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Update:  loose pallet (no circular pads here!) fixed.  No more constant note.  Loose button fixed.  Replacement for missing button top awaiting painting and fixing.  Only valves/reeds to sort.  Couple of duff buttons on l/h hopefully due to missing valves, but will investigate with trepidation!

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