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Anglo Herrington classic 30b C/G DISCOUNT

Gregor Markič

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Discounted for further 100€ since I really don't want the beauty not to be played. Additionally I badly need money for a GD instrument. Extremly convenient price!!! Price for new 2000+ euros!


Earlier this year I bought a concertina in this forum. It is less than one year old.

It's a very well made fast player. This was my first quality concertina and after playing different cheap instrument I can tell it has an exquisite outstanding sound. State is like new.
Featuring : 

- Stainless steel end plates 
- Action riveted
- 6 fold leather bellows with decorative papers
- Reeds Tipo A-Mano Voci Armonichie Italian made steel reeds
- Wheatstone Layout
- Solid box


Concertina is sent from Slovenia, I am asking 1400 euros + sending costs (EU = approx. 40€)












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