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Restoration / maintenance, NL


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After long pause in my concertina playing (COVID, and I also played much more mandolin and banjo), I'm thinking about getting back to it. I have a very nice metal-ended Lachenal concertina, but it requires some work on it - I'd like it to be checked both for functional and aesthetic purposes (clean / polish the ends, buttons, probably new bellows / bellow papers etc).

Could you suggest some good person to do this in the Netherlands area? I remember I was advised to contact Jurgen Suttner, and it's a possibility - not sure how easy is to get his time though. But maybe there are others? Or should I just send it to UK / Ireland?

I had quite a bad experience finding a luthier for my vintage Gibson mandolin here in NL and I'd prefer to ship instrument somewhere but be sure that person is knowledgable.


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