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Anyone recognise this one?

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Leaving aside the engraving round the edges, which I guess could have been added at any time, would anyone care to hazard a guess at the maker of this concertina? 

It's a 36-button Anglo, with Lachenal-style green white and gold papers, and gold-tooled bellows ends... but I don't recognise the fretwork as Lachenal. It has some distinctive little features (circled) that I'm sure I've seen somewhere before, but I'm damned if I remember where!


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9 hours ago, david robertson said:

True, the edges are suspiciously un-stepped, but it's far from being a home-made horror. I'd be a happy man if I could muster this kind of skill and fluency with a scrollsaw!


Well fret-cutting did use to be a hobby for some people...


Otherwise, could it be a very early example of a metal-ended Lachenal - what's the serial number?

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Having said that the engraving could have been done at any time - which of course it could - it appears to be of Maidenhair & A.N. Other fern leaf and well done.  Fern's being an 'obsession' of the Victorians, from the 1860's onwards, so quite possibly contemporary with the build ?

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1 hour ago, Stephen Chambers said:


They seem to have used a better grade of bone, that wasn't rough and pitted, on ones like this.

I guess! To go 100+ years and look like perfect pieces of plastic. ( and I mean plastic in a good way, as in perfect), no pits and uniformity in color. Must have taken a ton of work in sanding and filling and finishing. 

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