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Wheatstone English 48 button For Sale


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20211003_112519.thumb.jpg.ff829b9ca3d3bb00c3280d4ae36fcd3e.jpgSOLD ! Wheatstone English 48 button. Serial number 23725. Possibly from 1904-1906. 15 West Street label. Very good antique condition but must be fully restored. Only damage is a few splits on 1 wooden face and straps are gone. Inside all the leathers are old and crumbly. But NO RUST. All buttons work. Most buttons make the tone. Bellows very good condition both leather and paper. See pictures and video. Will be very valuable once restored. I am looking for a good offer before I post on ebay. Located near Toronto Canada. Email Geoff at accman7@hotmail.com

I can send pics including the insides.

Using Dirks accordion tuner i get the following readings:
L hand. draw/push
A 440 reads 451/ 455 hz
F 349 reads 357/ 357
C 523 reads 533/ 539
R hand
G 392 reads 400 / 402
C 523 reads. 537/ 537
A 880 reads. 859/860
So it seems to be slightly sharp on most. Given the age I wouldn't expect it to be in tune and that needs to be considered.

Video link. 



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Change od status . sold.
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