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G/D 30 button 'Melodina' (square anglo) for sale


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Hi All,


Here's another one for sale. This is, as far as I know, a one-off. Called a 'Melodina' by the builder, it's a square 30 button anglo, in the keys of G/D. This was built in France in 2016 as a completely custom order by Stephane Le Lan, see here https://accordeons-du-marais.com/

Lachenal/Wheatstone fingering system, using accordion type reeds tuned to A=440Hz (concert pitch)

Ends are solid cherry wood, buttons are delrin (black plastic) with mother of pearl type caps. Melodeon style card + tape bellows, not leather concertina type. Very comfortable padded adjustable handstraps. It's a delight to play, with such long bellows it's a little different in feel to a normal anglo. Not the loudest concertina I've ever played, but a lovely tone.

I'm not using it as much as I should as I've two other GD concertinas and this should be getting more attention.

Sold with a fitted hard case

This was 2,00 euros when it was built

Looking for about £900

Postage to UK £12, if posting overseas let me know where you are and I'll get you a quote

Any questions please ask





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Hello Pip, Iwondered what you were doing these days , do you have any G/D anglos for saleat this time if so give me a ring as I am trying to scource one for a local lady. 


01728 768128.

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