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AC Norman C/G anglo for sale


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Hi Everyone


The time has come to sell my AC Norman 30 button anglo. Built in March 2003 (serial number 32003) and owned by me from new. Tuned to keys of C/G and the Lachenal/Wheatstone layout. 6 fold black leather bellows which had the papers replaced a couple of years ago to spruce it up.

Antonelli steel reeds tuned to A= 440Hz (concert pitch). Metal ends, black wooden frames. Yes, it's a hybrid, (as in uses accordion style reeds) but the Andrew Norman instruments are some of the best sounding 'hybrid' concertinas ou there. Currently, Andrew has a very long waiting list, and his prices are a lot more than I'm asking for this.

It's had a tough life (I used this on the folk degree in Newcastle for 4 years!) and the handblocks have lost most of their black paint, but otherwise it is in very good condition and plays beautifully!

Comes with a brand new padded gig bag.

It's only up for sale as I've got a 30 button Jeffries which I've had since 2012 and this has been sitting unloved in the cupboard for a long while now. I've got plenty of photos of it, if you need to know more please ask.

This would be ideal for someone looking to upgrade from a beginner instrument (Stagi/scarlatti etc) or someone looking for a 'spare' concertina. It would also be ideal for a beginner with a bit more than a basic budget...

Looking for offers around £800 plus postage in the UK of about £12. (Overseas let me know where you are and I'll get a quote)





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