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NANUK 908 case for single anglo concertina


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I recently purchased a NANUK 908 case for my VINTAGE concertina.  An option with the 908 is a padded divider.

On the right and left, the padded dividers are fine and will snuggly fit an anglo concertina.  The front and back, however, are too thick.  I sliced open the front and back pads at the bottom and removed the styrofoam.
Replace the padded liner and insert concertina.
The concertina is padded snuggly on top, bottm, right, and left.  The front and back are padded by two layers of material.  Perhaps some very thin foam or other padding might be added.  I plan to add spacers made from the leftover pads to block the concertina on both sides as it was in the original case.
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Nice!  I bought this same Nanuk case with the dividers.  Like you, I found that the dividers took up too much room and sliced them open to remove some of the padding.  But after starting on that route I decided I'd rather have the instrument blocked, so purchased some firm foam and soft fabric to customize the interior.  The project went on the back burner a couple weeks ago when life got it the way, but I hope to finish it up this weekend.  The key element is shaping some foam blocks to hold the bellows shut while only contacting the wooden ends and not the buttons.


I do really like this case, but I wish it were just slightly larger so that I could slide a Zoom recorder and a metronome in spaces separate from the instrument.   I considered the Pelican, but the Nanuk was cheaper.  I went with silver color (more of an off white) but really like the blue you chose.  

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