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Help transcribing music


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I'm completely new to reading music for a concertina. A long, long, time ago I could read guitar tablature but none of it is coming back when I read regular sheet music vs what I'm learning using Gary Coover's fabulous books. 
I have the sheet music for Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter. I've been struggling through to "translate" as it were or find the notes on my 30 button in relation to the notes in the sheet. It's daunting. I need some help, there are many sharps and flats in that piece🤦🏻‍♀️ Would someone be willing to help me through email or messages?

I have the first section of the song down but once you get into all of the sharps and flats, I get lost. I can also post what I have and how I've transcribed it.image.thumb.jpg.19f9df5da099e8468dfa4019866e3a76.jpg

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Hello Caroline,

I am also used to guitar tab 🙂

For the fun of it, I tabbed it out but with my own system ha ha

I am not familiar with this tune so...

Basic explanation: L and R for left and right side of concertina. 1 to 5 for each button, 1 being on the top (most used). 

4 and 5 are not used a lot, mainly for accompaniment on the left side. But the F# on the left (G row 4th button is used a lot 😉  ' for middle row and " for accidental row. If underline, it is a pull, else a push. 

With this system, we see a bunch of 1,2,3 (I find it easier than 10,14...) and directly see which hand works... It works well for me.


Hope it can be some help. 




Hedwig theme.pdf

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12 hours ago, papawemba said:

For the fun of it, I tabbed it out but with but with my own system...

Me too but with yet another system (same numbering, and uses L and R for left and right though).

Useful, as I discovered and fixed, an error in the software I use to generate tabbed scores like this.


Two versions attached:

(1) uses the Australian Bush Traditions system (my personal favourite).

(2) uses a modified form of the ABT system (it uses an over-score rather than a ^ to denote a pull).

I've been trying this modification for the last week or so as, on average, the tabs take up a little

less space.


I think they are both basically the same as papawemba's, except for that G in bar 6 - my software

chooses a button on the C-row, papawemba chooses a button on the accidentals row.


Later edit: Now I think about it, in appearance, papawemba's tab looks a little like the French

CADB system for melodeon - in that case, the horizontal rows are 'Poussez' and 'Tirez', and there

is a variant where there is one horizontal row for each row of the melodeon...

Using one or other of these approaches, it should be possible to develop several other 'new' systems

for Anglo tablature. Somehow, I find that idea a little daunting/depressing...☹️

Hedwig's Theme(1).pdf  Hedwig's Theme(2).pdf

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He'll, I was tempted to add the system I learned to begin with but fear it may confuse further! Mine labelled the 1 to 5 for each finger then other numbers for other button rows but is extremely easy to use!

It has marks above numbers for bellows out, and no number means in with bellows. Some of the numbering on your sample is really very similar actually.

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