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Safest shipping option for high value instruments

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This has been discussed before, but the answer is always changing as the parcel delivery industry changes.


What's the best/safest mode for shipping high value concertinas - in the US, to US destinations?


Years ago, Paul Groff argued that the safest way was the US postal service registered/insured mail - the service that required every edge of the box to be taped; the postal employees then stamped along all the edges. 


But I don't know if that's still the safest.  I don't mind paying for a high level of security.  Suggestions?

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Shipping from Canada to overseas, I've had the best experience with UPS using their Pack N' Ship service. If you bring the instrument already packed, there is a limit on the insurable amount, but if you have them do the packing on your behalf, it can be insured for the full value. 

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I think USPS within the States, but yes, well packed. I have heard problems with UPS honoring insurance, but I guess that means using the UPS Pack N' Ship with high value packages. Of course you need to use a NEW BOX. Also, double box as well, though a good hard case should work well for that.  


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Lately I have been coming around to USPS from usually using UPS.  UPS is getting to where they "could give a s%*t" whether you ship or not.

USPS has some idiosyncratic rules (take a look at their website, especially involving batteries!

That being said, USPS Priority Mail, Insured, is pretty safe.  As stated, new box, double box and/or foam (good case is good for penetration safety but not for shock).  Use good tape.

Don't even consider FDX.

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