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Edgley professional jeffries C/G Anglo for sale - MODDED


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Edgley professional C/G Anglo #539, jeffries system.


Tuned and modded with leather gaskets below the end-plates, since the buttons were sticking out about 3 mm too much, IMO a slight design problem.

The buttons had too much sideways moving space and felt not right during fast playing. Not anymore now !

Fast responding and loud instrument, i played a few Anglo and English brands and this would be quite a fav for gigs. Only selling because of the wife complaining that it's too loud and i want to keep her happy ....


PS EU import duties have been paid for, 1900 Euros.

20% less if sold outside the European Union, like the UK or USA.

Shipping to UK and USA can be expensive; due corona delays i would recommend UPS or DHL.

Leather covered sturdy case included.


Right Side 20210911_120147 x.jpg


TopView_20210911_120523 x.jpg


Bellows Top 20210911_120237 x.jpg


Bottom 20210911_120546 x.jpg




Serial 20210911_120158 x.jpg

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