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Lovely English Lachenal


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Hi All,


I'm very new to this site.  I inherited a lovely English Lachenal a few years back.  I know very little about it except that it sounds really sweet; I was wondering if there is anyone who might be able to tell me something about it.  Perhaps how old it might be.  It is its original leather box which bears the label "Lachenal - Edeophone manufacturers - London." It has black, possibly ebony, wooden ends, 48 buttons and 4 rows.  I'm attaching a photo.



Lachenal 2 (1).jpg

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7 hours ago, Wolf Molkentin said:

Hi Glendara, welcome to the forums - and I hope you're inclined to (instead of selling) take pleasure in keeping this lovely piece of family heirloom by learning how to play it - it will well be worth it, enjoy!


Best wishes - 🐺

Thank you for your welcome.  I probably should have clarified, I have absolutely NO intention of selling it.  I love it!! I am a Celtic harp player, but as a child learned to play the piano accordion, so the English style suits me well. This little box is definitely staying with me.  I'm just keen to know a little more about it.

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9 hours ago, Everett said:

Your Lachenal Edeophone may be more valuable than you realize. It would be good to have it appraised. I am sure there are many people here who would love to own it. It is a professional quality instrument.

Hi Everett, what its value in monetary terms is something that I have never really thought about.  It is just such a lovely little box with the sweetest voice.  My husband plays the Anglo and has a very good one, a four row Jeffries, but this little Lachenal is seriously beautiful.  I can play it a little.  Hubby just taught me The Downfall of Paris...I've nearly got it. Cheers.

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Hi Everyone,


I'm sorry, as I said yesterday, I am new to this...and I think I went the wrong way in replying to all of your most helpful and insight responses to my request.  You've been wonderful!  Thank you all again, and next time I shall try to respond in the appropriate place.  Cheers, Glendara

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