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Differences betgween Can, Mc CAnn and Jffries Duet Concertina


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I am actually ion the spot to buy an odl McCann duet, which nees to repair.I want to learn to playit. Wantto understand.

Fod info and even tutor burt for Crane or Jeffries Duet.

I amconoscient, taht the JHaydn duet is eaier to learn that the old Deut cncertinas. Do you agree?


Waht are the main differnces between the metnionned Duet cncertinas, eg Fgeffries and McCann.


Any aadvise how to learn to pllay teh McCAnn ?


Than you ikn advance for your comments.

Joacim De,öp

Ich sing Dir en Lied...jpg


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