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Wanted: 48 or 55b Crane Duet

Cheshire Chris

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I am a duet and a crane newbie. I recently picked up a 55b New Model and am really liking it. 

that said. As much of a beginner as I am. I definitely see the advantages to having more buttons.



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2 hours ago, Cheshire Chris said:

Cheers, Peter. No Cranes on Chris's site at the moment, which is why I thought it worth asking here 🙂.




Chris Algar says he has only a small proportion of his concertina stock on the website. I have visited his place near Stoke on Trent and it’s true! Worth a phone call to him. As you say, also worth asking on concertina.net.


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I am considering selling my 48button Wheatstone Crane Duet which is in perfect shape (comes with box).
Admittedly, I am living in Germany. Feel free to send a PM or email to callanach@gmx.de if interested though.

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Congratulations. Hope you enjoy learning it.

If you haven't got a tutor book, the Salvation Army tutor (https://concertina.info/tina.faq/images/Salvation_Army_Tutor_For_Triumph_Concertina_2nd_ed.pdf) or Bulstrode tutor (http://www.concertina.com/crane-duet/index.htm#wilston-bulstrode-crane-tutor) may be of help. Lots of exercises in the Salvation Army tutor!

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