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Morse ESB Baritone--31st button notes?


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I've got a Morse Ceilli C/G that I'm really enjoying and I'm thinking about adding its octave-lower ESB cousin.  This baritone anglo comes standard with a left hand thumb button which plays f on push and c on draw for the C/G model.  I play mostly ITM, and those two notes won't do a lot for me.  In fact, the f naturals on my Ceilli are complaining of neglect.


So I'm wondering about switching the notes on button 31 to d/d.  I've corresponded briefly with Doug Creighton at the Button Box about this, and he thinks it's feasible.  They'd be the same pitch as the two d's typically played with the left hand ring (draw) and pinky (push) fingers on a c/g--there's not enough room for reeds an octave lower (which would be quite low on a baritone).


Does anyone have thoughts on other notes for that button?  I'm gravitating toward the double d since I've seen it on other anglos, advertised as a drone.  g/g seems like another possibility.   But with the pitch not being lower than my regular left hand d notes, I'm not sure if using them would really give that pipe drone sound.  My playing has not yet progressed to the point where I'm proficient in adding chords, though I will be working on that.


So: Two d or not two d? That is the question.  (I'll grab my coat.)

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Following up on my own post, I've gone ahead and ordered the Morse ESB with d/d on the left thumb button.  I often miss not having a press f# or draw e (in the same octave) on the left hand side, but Doug at the Button Box indicated that the thumb usually doesn't have the dexterity to get in on quick melody notes.


Delivery is at least a couple months away, but looking forward to going low on the baritone.



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