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Please help me date my Lachenal...

amy l

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Hello -- i have a two-row  Lachenal, fully restored, with a handmade case (six-sided, black lacquer) that i am planning to sell to raise funds for a sick friend. I would like to be able to date it. Can you help me? The serial number is 86308. Thanks in advance!!






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Are you reading the serial number only from the end label? It may have a 1 in front of it that isn't easily visible, but would make approximately 30 years difference. Have you looked at the serial numbers inside? 

Establishing  the age of Lachenals is a bit problematic but from example where the date of manufacture is known, some estimate is possible. I believe an 86*** number would be mid - late 1880s while a 186*** would be approximately 1913.  Does the instrument have the Lachenal trade mark stamped on it?

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The trade mark will be on the wooden hand rests under the straps. Valuing an instrument depends on many factors and is best done by getting an expert to inspect and test the instrument. If you let us know where (country/city) you are, someone will be able to suggest where to take it that is local to you.


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